About me


I’m very happy that you found your way to this site! My name is Thorsten and I write here about everything which is important to me, being a “blogger” now. Wow, I never thought that this would be my “destiny”. I hope you have a great time on my site and, of course I would be happy to get feedback!

Why this Blog?

Well, to be honest, just because it is fun for me! 😉 I will try to illustrate by my images and articles a bit of the fascination of our world, while simultaneously recording what is important to me right now. This obviously opens the door for me to post every silly thing I come across, and I’m happy about that. Besides that, I do not have enough space at home for all those images, so I needed a place to put them. Having them here is better than letting them rot on my hard drive. And maybe these images will make your day a little brighter.

Why “Green Lens”?

Basically for „two“*reasons:

  • First, I have not been photographing with a digital reflex camera for a long time, and would consider myself a greenhorn.
  • Second, I love being out in the green nature finding all of these magnificent motifs and capturing every possible thing with my lens.
  • And finally, my intention is to look closer at things in nature, like working with a magnifying lens, and explain the relationship between them.

What do I love to photograph?

As already mentioned, almost anything out there in nature like Landscape, Animals, Flowers and so on, simpy all the beauty of our world. And then I love to dive into unknown worlds. This is reflected best in my Macro and Infrared images. Also, for only a very short time now, I’ve been into the world of spherical panoramas, which is a fascinating field of work! What I’m not doing right now are portraits and real shootings with people, even though I think that would be really fun. If I were to photograph people, I would like to show their most beautiful side and produce images that are really something special.

My photographical education

Unfortunately, none at all. Everything is learning by doing, but it’s a lot of fun for me!  😉 In the middle of 2010 during my parental leave for my son, I bought myself a Canon 7D and since then I’ve been addicted. When I was younger, I always had a camera with me. But now with a real reflex camera, this is something completely different! Originally I’m a scientist, who after my studies of earth system sciences, my dissertation in soil ecology, and my recent occupation in the field of soil protection has found a new playground. Therefore, if I should use once in a while some specific scientific terminology, I already beg your pardon right now!