Infrared infos
Here I want to explain some things about infrared photography and try to increase the understanding for these rather unusual type of photography.
(By a click on the headers you enter the articles. All images you also find in the slide shows, which you can start with the play button (triangle) and watch also full-screen with the first icon.)

The path from the original to the final infrared photo

All that are interested in how infrared images look out of the camera and want to know how they are processed should read this article. On the one hand I hope I explained in plain words all steps I apply to receive such final images and on the other hand maybe the one or other can find some helpful hints for their workflow.

Infrared trips
Here you find image series of the infrared photos which were taken at the respective sites.
(By a click on the headers you enter the articles. All images you also find in the slide shows, which you can start with the play button (triangle) and watch also full-screen with the first icon.)

Theresienstein (Hof)

The park is truely amazing and was choosen 2003 to the most beautiful park in germany. And I can understand this very well, as it is really wonderful there. There are so many corners to discover and as the park even contains hills and valleys there are always new perspectives. And on top of that, directly beside the park are located the Botanical Garden and the Zoo in Hof.

Untreusee (Hof)

The Untreusee is a small artificial lake south of Hof, which is used as recreation area and the people like it very much. There is not only beautiful countryside, but also a climbing park in the forest, a beergarden, beachvolleyball fields, barbecue sites and a really huge playground for kids. Usually it is always worth to go there for a trip, and also this time as I was rewareded with fantastic conditions for good infrared photos.

Zingst and sourroundings

The kind of island around Zingst is really a dream! The beaches are not the only thing which are fantastic, also the many allies and the wind power plant are amazing, so its always worth to go there!

Stadtweiher (Kempten)

The Stadtweiher is located at the south-western outskirts of Kempten. And after I had walked about hundred times around the Kempten Stadtweiher (Brilliant Emerald, Swans, Ducks) it was high time that I brought my infrared camera with me. And I was pretty lucky being rewared with sunshine and some marvellous clouds on the sky.

Pfaffenteich (Hof)

Here you can view some infrared photos of the Pfaffenteich, which is located at the outskirts of the city Hof. If you are looking for real lake entertainment you should visit the Untreusee, but for a little walk in the green the Pfaffenteich, including his many smaller companions, is the right and a beautiful place to go. For those who want to see the lake as Panorama in the real world, be prepared for freezing times.

Hof and sourroundings

Here you find a mixture of images taken in Hof and its sourroundings!

Röhrensee/Main (Bayreuth)

The first four infrared shots show the riverbed of the Red Main very close to the Oberfrankenhalle in Bayreuth. There’s even a little “interview” with me about one of the images. On the last four shots you can see the Röhrensee (pipe lake) where also is a little zoo and a very new and fantastic playground!

Eremitage (Bayreuth)

The Eremitage is a very large park including some small castles at the outskirts of Bayreuth. It was founded by the Bayreuth Markgraf Georg Wilhelm at the beginning of the 18th century and further extended by the Markgräfin Wilhelmine. The park invites you always for wonderful walks and is always good to surprise you with its many waterways and fountains.

Weiße Elster (Gera)

The “Weiße Elster” flows through Gera in the western part of the city. Directly on the side of the river the Hofwiesenpark is located, which was completely redesigned for an garden exhibition in the year 2007. The result is absolutely fantastic and a great place to go for. With the weather I was really lucky at this day and so it was again great fun taking the infrared images, but have a look by yourself!

Unstrut valley (Bad Langensalza)

The Unstrut is a small river in the Thuringian Basin and according to locals this is the most attractive part of the river! I can’t judge how much local patriotisms is in this statement, but the path along the river is absolutely marvellous and without traffic noise or comparable annoyances.

Tiergarten (Berlin)

It is still amazing to me how huge the park is and how fast you will loose the feeling that you are in the middle of the largest city of germany. And this altough the attractions like the Siegessäule, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate are never far away. The Tiergarten is truely a green paradise!