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Baby Meerkats in the Zoo Hof – an update!

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) The baby Meerkats in the Zoo Hof which were born in the beginning of July, are grown up very quickly. But they have lost not a little bit of their liveliness and their fun factor! They even asked me to take a “Cover photo” for their Band! 😉
But I also went through my “old” images and found some, which I definitely have to show to you.

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof)
Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) “Sorry little one, but everything is occupied!”

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof)
Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) “Ahhh, to cuddle up together is just awesome!”

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) And after some time the tiny little baby meerkats did grew up and become some “big fellas”! And then they also played some tricks on their parents which kept them busy.

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) “He said, you did allow him that!”
“No, I have not!”
“But things litke that he wouldn’t do just on his own!”

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) But soon there was again harmony in the world of the meerkats.

Erdmännchen (Zoo Hof) Only on family shootings the now grown up youngsters are always causing great mayhem! 😉

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