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How to make great portraits “even” with flash

Emilia - Workshop Zingst Already last week I have shown you some IR Images, which I took during my visit of the “Horizonte Zingst”. But I also tried to educate myself a bit on the foto festival and what would have been better for this than visiting a workshop of Martin Krolop about the right use of flash and reflectors to do beautiful portraits. Originally I tried most times to avoid the use of flash, but in the last time I already realised – that it is not completely useless. 😉 (more…)

Zingst and sourroundings in infrared

Allee (Zingst/Barth) - Infrarot At the end of may I was for the first time on the half island Zingst at the Baltic Sea. And what a coincidence that exactly then the “Horizonte Zingst” – a huge environmental foto festival took place. 😉 Zingst and the festival are fantastic, but this will have to wait till another time. Today I want to show you finally some more infrared photographs. (more…)