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Zingst and sourroundings in infrared

Allee (Zingst/Barth) - Infrarot At the end of may I was for the first time on the half island Zingst at the Baltic Sea. And what a coincidence that exactly then the “Horizonte Zingst” – a huge environmental foto festival took place. 😉 Zingst and the festival are fantastic, but this will have to wait till another time. Today I want to show you finally some more infrared photographs. (more…)

New infrared page

Untreusee (Hof) - Infrarot I spend much more time than I thought with my infrared camera. Probably, you also noticed this by the flood of infrared shots I have been showing here. 😉

So I thought now it tis time that I give my infrared photography a little place of her own. Therefore, you have the posibility to visit a own infrared page on which you can see all infrared stuff togehter.

Infrared photos – How is it done?

IR Foto - Vorher/Nachher As I have been asked already many times how these infrared photos (Eremitage, Bayreuth, Pfaffenteich, Stadtweiher) are made and if I get them directly out of the camera like this, I will reveal the “secret” behind them. 😉
From the original photo out of the camera until the final infrared photo it is quite a long way. I will show you all important steps one after the other and always on the example photo above from the Untreusee. (more…)

Infrared trip to the Stadtweiher

Stadtweiher (Kempten) - Infrarot At the beginning of this month I visited again the region where I grew up the beautiful Allgäu. And after I had walked about hundred times around the Kempten Stadtweiher (Brilliant Emerald, Swans, Ducks), it was high time that I brought my infrared camera with me. Of course I have been a bit lucky that the sun was with us and at the same time some beautiful clouds were on the sky. Therefore, I can show you this time some great infrared photos of the Kempten Stadtweiher. (more…)

Infrared walk around the Pfaffenteich

Pfaffenteich (Hof) - Infrarot As this summer is really wet up to now, everything is still juicy and so also the infrared world still looks beautiful. This time I will show you some infrared shots from the Pfaffenteich, which is located at the outskirts of the city Hof. If you are looking for real lake entertainment you should visit the Untreusee, but for a little walk in the green the Pfaffenteich, including his many smaller companions, is the right and beautiful place to go.