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My first wedding

Jump 'n' Joy
Es war im Herbst letzten Jahres, als ich zum ersten Mal eine Hochzeit fotographisch begleiten durfte. Da will man natürlich das Beste geben, um dem Brautpaar diesen einmaligen Tag für immer einzufrieren. Der Vorschlag als Location (more…)

How to make great portraits “even” with flash

Emilia - Workshop Zingst Already last week I have shown you some IR Images, which I took during my visit of the “Horizonte Zingst”. But I also tried to educate myself a bit on the foto festival and what would have been better for this than visiting a workshop of Martin Krolop about the right use of flash and reflectors to do beautiful portraits. Originally I tried most times to avoid the use of flash, but in the last time I already realised – that it is not completely useless. 😉 (more…)

Photo shoot in a snow paradise

Nici A long, long time ago in a time in which there was still snow around I had a photo shoot with the amazing model Nici at the Röhrensee in Bayreuth. Unfortunately, the snow paradise which we had four weeks ago has completely dissappeared by now. The more pleasure is it now two have a look on the results of our photo shoot and maybe the winter will come back once more. (more…)

My first photo shoot

Perdita For a long time I did hesitate to take photographs of people, as than you also should deliver something proper. It is very pleasant that Sunflowers or Meerkats do not complain if you mess up some shots. 😉 But last week I had my first photo shoot with a real model! What should I say – wow, I’m still blown away! That’s so much fun! (more…)