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Zingst and sourroundings in infrared

Allee (Zingst/Barth) - Infrarot At the end of may I was for the first time on the half island Zingst at the Baltic Sea. And what a coincidence that exactly then the “Horizonte Zingst” – a huge environmental foto festival took place. 😉 Zingst and the festival are fantastic, but this will have to wait till another time. Today I want to show you finally some more infrared photographs. (more…)

New infrared page

Untreusee (Hof) - Infrarot I spend much more time than I thought with my infrared camera. Probably, you also noticed this by the flood of infrared shots I have been showing here. 😉

So I thought now it tis time that I give my infrared photography a little place of her own. Therefore, you have the posibility to visit a own infrared page on which you can see all infrared stuff togehter.

Infrared photos – How is it done?

IR Foto - Vorher/Nachher As I have been asked already many times how these infrared photos (Eremitage, Bayreuth, Pfaffenteich, Stadtweiher) are made and if I get them directly out of the camera like this, I will reveal the “secret” behind them. 😉
From the original photo out of the camera until the final infrared photo it is quite a long way. I will show you all important steps one after the other and always on the example photo above from the Untreusee. (more…)

Infrared photos from the Untreusee

Untreusee (Hof) - Infrarot As I had not made much infrared photos of the Untreusee in Hof, I found no peace and needed to change this quickly. And sometimes all comes together, because as soon as I had made up my mind, the most beautiful clouds were on the sky and I did not hesititate and went for a trip to the Untreusee. Probably most of you don’t know the lake, so let me tell you, it is a small artificial lake south of Hof, which is used as recreation area and the people like it very much. There is not only beautiful countryside, but also a climbing park in the forest, a beergarden, beachvolleyball fields, barbecue sites and a really huge playground for kids. (more…)

Infrared trip to the Stadtweiher

Stadtweiher (Kempten) - Infrarot At the beginning of this month I visited again the region where I grew up the beautiful Allgäu. And after I had walked about hundred times around the Kempten Stadtweiher (Brilliant Emerald, Swans, Ducks), it was high time that I brought my infrared camera with me. Of course I have been a bit lucky that the sun was with us and at the same time some beautiful clouds were on the sky. Therefore, I can show you this time some great infrared photos of the Kempten Stadtweiher. (more…)