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Infrared photos from the Untreusee

Untreusee (Hof) - Infrarot As I had not made much infrared photos of the Untreusee in Hof, I found no peace and needed to change this quickly. And sometimes all comes together, because as soon as I had made up my mind, the most beautiful clouds were on the sky and I did not hesititate and went for a trip to the Untreusee. Probably most of you don’t know the lake, so let me tell you, it is a small artificial lake south of Hof, which is used as recreation area and the people like it very much. There is not only beautiful countryside, but also a climbing park in the forest, a beergarden, beachvolleyball fields, barbecue sites and a really huge playground for kids. (more…)

Infrared walk around the Pfaffenteich

Pfaffenteich (Hof) - Infrarot As this summer is really wet up to now, everything is still juicy and so also the infrared world still looks beautiful. This time I will show you some infrared shots from the Pfaffenteich, which is located at the outskirts of the city Hof. If you are looking for real lake entertainment you should visit the Untreusee, but for a little walk in the green the Pfaffenteich, including his many smaller companions, is the right and beautiful place to go.