My first photo shoot

Perdita For a long time I did hesitate to take photographs of people, as than you also should deliver something proper. It is very pleasant that Sunflowers or Meerkats do not complain if you mess up some shots. 😉 But last week I had my first photo shoot with a real model! What should I say – wow, I’m still blown away! That’s so much fun!

As a model I could persuade Perdita Christ to come into the cold and foggy Hof in the Park Theresienstein. She is not only photo model, but also actress, director and able to do more or less everything, but still laid back and charming and willing to try out every silly idea. I would love to continue a bit more to praise her, but then I would probably have to rest the next couple of nights on our couch in the living room! 😉

All in all I was very lucky with the choice of my model for my first photo shoot and I’m very pleased with the results. To all who like the images, I have the good news, that there will be more! Otherwise I would be happy about feedback of any kind.



Perdita .


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